Monday, October 22, 2012

Being Aware

To start off I suppose I should go about explaining what "spirit week" is at my high school. Typically, our spirit week takes place once every couple months, usually corresponding with beginning of every sport season; Winter, Fall, or Spring. This Fall our student officers decided to theme our spirit week around the idea of raising awareness of breast cancer; in other words: this week is pink week. Every day is labeled as a different theme such as, twin day, or deck-out day, with the idea of wearing some form of pink everyday. Granted, wearing pink is obviously very difficult for one gender in particular so not everyone participates. But the idea is still present.

However, this being said today in one of my classes me teacher posed us with the question of: "What are all you guys wearing pink for?" Of course, numerous students raised their hands and began to explain what this week was about. He listened thoughtfully but obviously was not convinced by any of their explanations. His next question was a little more offensive, and later went on to accuse us of not doing enough to contribute to the cause. This of course, ruffled many peoples feathers and made a few people huff and puff.Goodness, it made me huff and puff.

Nevertheless, he made his point near the end of the class period when he admitted to us that he wanted to people to get upset; that he wanted to see the frustration and the passion that fueled our arguments. He wanted us to be upset because he claimed: "that was what truly raised awareness."

Although I was upset, and although it took me a few days to get over my stubbornness, I must admit that I agree readily with my teachers comment. The passion is what drives the train, the emotion behind someones words are what you often remember; rather than their the actual words. And this is true for many things, not just raising awareness! This all being said, I want to advocate the importance of being emotional (not to emotional though, you know how us girls can get a little nuh-huh...) and being passionate about what you stand for. For instance, look at me, I am standing up for inner beauty and the pure feeling of being loved because whether we see it or not. . . We all are beautiful.  

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