Training, Ninja Style

In general I do five things. I sleep, eat, I do my school work, I play tennis, and I run. Sometimes I do all of these things in one single day but most of the time I mix it up and try to be creative with my workouts. Hence, one day I will hit and only do a two mile run, or another day when I am not hitting I will run till my feet light on fire. (Figuratively.) Nonetheless, I never have the patience to sit still for a whole day which is something that I should be thankful for I suppose. . . But in reality I wish I could share some of my energy with all of you!



So. . . I started playing tennis around the age of nine and well. . . What can I say? Daddio played tennis in college and he couldn't help but show me how much he loved the sport, as it turns out I loved it too! It went on for a few years, taking lessons at the local court club and hitting with my Dad that is, and eventually I made up my mind that I only wanted to play tennis. No soccer or gymnastics or track. Just tennis. 

Little did I know that becoming a "good" tennis player was going to take some serious work on and off the court, let alone becoming a ranked tennis player. . . From the age of eleven on, Daddio and I carted around the states playing every tennis tournament we could find and afford. As I grew older my training and dedication for the sport progressively grew stronger and still is. I jump rope every day (at least I am supposed too!), I interval train and work specifically on agility and speed, and I lift weights. Hi-yah! 

I shouldn't sell myself short in denying that I have worked very hard to be where I am in the sport. After all, I am going to play D1 tennis next year. However, I must stress that I would not be where I am today if not for tons of amazing people and role models. It's exactly as my trainer Grant used to say: "every athlete needs a team." 


My tennis has stayed with me through everything, the hard times and the bad; you could say it has been one of my many outlets. . . However, I have recently found a new love: running. As a tennis player you could go as far as to describe me as a "grinder" or someone who wins by outlasting the opponent either physically or mentally. So, I suppose that one could see why I would like running, because it goes on and on and on. But the thing is, I don't just like it. . . I love it! 

Currently, I am, along with practicing and training for tennis, on a marathon training schedule. Now, whether I actually run the marathon at some point is still a question that I can't answer at this point. But I am doing it, which is something that I am very proud of. 

So. . . In summary this is what I do. I sleep, eat yummy food, do school work, play tennis, and run. Not because I want to lose weight or burn calories, but because I want to! I do these things because they are fun and they make me a healthier happier person through and through. 

On a side note. . . I am going to try and start doing yoga! Wish me luck! 



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