Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pass It On

A few weeks ago my parents were at a Starbucks Coffee shop not far from our house, they were going to buy not only a afternoon "pick-me-up," but a bag of coffee for the week as well. (At the Troxel household there are three very serious coffee consumers, my mother, father, and brother, all of whom prefer lots and lots of creamer!) As they slowly made their way up the line to the register they gave their orders and waited to pay, not paying much attention to their surroundings. However, when they got to the front and gave their card to purchase their goodies the smiling cashier she said, "The man in front of you has already taken care of it for you." 

My parents, quite taken aback at this random act of kindness, preceded to thank the elderly man gracefully for paying for their $17.00 bill. However, the man, instead of willingly taking the thanks, told my parents that it was a usual thing for him. Once a week this man buys coffee for one person or couple behind him in line, it is his random act of kindness, and he strongly encouraged my parents to pass it along. Needless to say, my parents and I now both buy coffee for one person behind us when we stop at Starbucks. This act isn't to be recognized or to gain attention, but simply to pass along the idea of doing "nice" and kind things. I know society and the media have shed light on these random acts before, but again, that is defeating the whole purpose of the act. It's simple, sweet, and genuine. Pass it on.    

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