Whisking Away

Becoming Vegan

Like I said on my other pages, one of my ways of overcoming my insecurity was becoming secure with my diet. Out of all of the things that I had stressed about in the past, things that I really had no business trying to control, I finally had found something that I could control meticulously and that I could be passionate about. 

Personally, I believe that the secret to my success was going 100% cold turkey from the start. It was indeed on of those moments when I woke up in the morning and said: "I am going to stop eating meat and animal products today." If I had weaned myself away like a lot of the books insist upon I wouldn't have been able to do it. I mean, not being able to eat chicken one day and eating it the next is like a invitation for your body to go straight into denial. Anywho, so like I said, I went cold turkey and it worked, that does not mean it will work for you.

Furthermore being vegan isn't the easiest diet in the world. For instance, I cannot eat out anywhere! I also have the ongoing nightly battle with my Mom about why I should be eating this and giving in once in a while. However, I recognize that I brought this on myself and that I can eat anything I want, including meat, I am just choosing not to, (this mindset generally stops complaints coming from my lips.) So. . . If you decide to follow in my foot steps, being vegan is your own choice, but I strongly encourage trying it for a few days. It turned my world around, I mean, my Dad now calls me Pop'eye because of the amounts of spinach I eat. Yummm!

I will be posting recipes here and there of wonderful yummy things that my mom and I come up with. However, try at your own risk and please don't come sprinting back here kicking and screaming telling me that you hated my recipe and got sick because of it. Remember: everyone's taste buds are different.

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