Little Miss Sunshine

Hi, my name is Sierra and I am currently a senior in high school who is embarking on a personal quest to find interpersonal acceptance and, well, beauty! I must admit, getting to this point has been quite the roller coaster and I have had my fair share of strike outs; but, I hope that maybe by reading my story you’ll hit your home run a lot sooner than I did.


The Beginning

I am growing up in a family of five, my mom has three children and one just so happens to bark instead of talk. My “Little Bother” is a freshman in high school and tends to live on the other Pole (I prefer the South) and is an expert in all things gaming, even Sims. My Dad is a teacher of many things but spends most of his time in the gym teaching kindergarten through eighth grade the correct push-up form. My wonderful mother on the other hand, works her little fingers to the bone (Seriously she has a size 4 ring size.) at a laboratory, working mostly in security; no, she does not carry a fire-arm. . . They took it away from her. Just kidding! (They couldn't have taken it if they tried. *Snicker*) 


High School

Like I said, I am a senior in high school; however, I shockingly did not start out on the top of the food chain. I was once a very small fish in a very big pond and all I ever wanted was to grow and show people that I could be the big fish. Little did I know that, that wish would bring my world crumbling down piece by piece.

Freshman year began with the need for acceptance, from not only my friends, but teachers and parents as well. I was spreading my self so thin; trying to be perfect in school, tennis, appearance, and personality. I was bending over backwards to make people happy with me and to be proud of me; even to the point of fabricating and lying to make people content and happy. It was. . . It was very hard and a place I wouldn't wish anyone to ever visit.  

Sophomore year was when it happened. People began to piece together the things I had told them and they slowly began to realize that I wasn't who I said I was. That in fact, they had no idea who I was; unfortunately I couldn't tell them if I wanted to, I was lost in everything, lost in myself. Mid-way through the year action was taken, and I with the help of my extraordinary family and God I begin the search for my true self again. 

I pause here in my story because I am honestly still working on finding out who I am. Now a senior in high school I have a much firmer grasp on life, but still have my moments. The events of junior year were ones to remember, whereas the years before are not forgotten but are behind me. During my junior year I met Prince Charming and the two of us are still currently going strong. I took the classes I wanted to take: AP Psychology, AP Biology, and AP Lang; and didn't handicap myself because of the social norm. I played on the high school tennis team not to show everyone that i was the best, but because I wanted to play for me. I changed my entire diet and reverted from my binge/bulimia diet to a whole Plant Based Diet. I changed me

I changed myself for the better I believe, and although I still do not always view myself as smart enough, skinny enough, or pretty enough; I defiantly know that I am myself one hundred percent.
It is the best feeling in the world.   


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