Friday, October 12, 2012

Life Lesson #1 (Mr. Kelly)

Today was a day that I might never forget, today was a day when I learned, or was forced to learn and important life lesson from my  AP Calculus teacher Mr. Greg Kelly. (This is where you should start taking notes.)

So, I believe a little background information to this life lesson would be in order. Calculus is my last class or period of the day, and between you and I, is my favorite period of the day. Yes, call me a nerd if you will, but I assure you math is a very intricate part of your school curriculum; come'on lets get those neurons firing! Anywho, we only have a test every two chapters or so, so the weight of the test score is enough to make you pee your pants right off the bat. (I almost did.) Guaranteed you can combat your grade with excellent formula quiz scores; but even then, tests are worth approximately six or seven quizzes. . . Fruitful thought!

Back to the story. . . So my class  had a test yesterday and to our dismay half of our class failed or came close to failing. (Don't worry, yours truly did just fine! My test score being the average of a 97% and 99%. Do the math!) This course of events resulted in Mr. Kelly feeling: "mixed emotions," he told us with a furrowed brow. Disgruntled he went on to say this:

"Guy's I want you to know that math is a very important part of your life, and the life of people around you. Calculus is a wonderful subject that you can, in fact, apply to many aspects of your life. For instance, how many subjects can you apply to your love life? I know all you guys out there know Calculus is one of them. (He is referencing Calculus pick-up lines here.) This being said, by failing your math test yesterday you are currently failing at life because, I'm sorry to say, school is your life right now. You don't want to keep failing at life do you? The answer to that is "no." Why? Because I said so, so step it up. It's embarrassing!"

Hahaha.. Ha.. ha.. Wasn't so funny at the time. I don't want to fail at life! 

Oh. . . And if any of you would like to view some of Mr. Kelly's wonderful power points please do! Mr. Kelly's Website

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